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Mon Feb 2 12:54:39 EST 2004

Marek Peteraj wrote:

> Guys, if you think that the term 'Linux audio' isn't so important, or
>that linux sound or linux music would better suit the needs of users,
>why don't you just leave www.linuxaudio.org for LinuxAudio itself.
>I'd be happy to buy it from Daniel and redirect it to the LAD page.


a word of advice.

persistently going on and on about this matter like a stuck record is 
unlikely to persuade, in fact it is more likely to antagonise the people 
you are writing to and turn them further against you.

why not accept that someone else managed to get a domain name that you 
dearly wanted, but got there before you in fair competition. this 
happens every day in the rest of the world, and the best thing you can 
do now is to accept it and get over it. repeatedly hammering away isnt 
going to do you any favours.

doctor prescribes one bunch of sour grapes at mealtimes.


They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. 

--Benjamin Franklin

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