[Consortium] Re: Sounds Expo Hotel

Daniel James daniel at linuxaudio.org
Thu Feb 5 05:31:38 EST 2004

Hi Damien,

> Thanks a lot for the offer but I already have a reservation at the
> Quality Hotels Wembley. 

That's fine - as long as you've got somewhere to stay!

> I will arrive monday evening. Maybe we can arrange to meet
> ourselves monday

From my experience of travelling across London you will be arriving at 
your hotel quite late. It might be best for you if we meet at the 
Expo on the Tuesday morning before it opens. I suggest you call me on 
0770 922 9254 and I'll meet you at the door with your badge.

> I guess you will probably be at the booth to
> prepare it. 

Yes indeed!

> My plane arrives at Gatwick at 07:00 PM, I don't know 
> at what time I will be at Wembley (actually I have to check how to
> reach Wembley...).

Gatwick is quite far to the south of the city and Wembley is in the 
north-west. Your best bet is probably to get a train into central 
London, then take whichever train or underground line that your hotel 
recommends (there are a number of stations in that area).



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