[Consortium] Re: [linux-audio-dev] Re: linuxaudio.org

Andrea Glorioso sama at perchetopi.org
Wed Jan 21 17:44:04 EST 2004

Marek Peteraj <marpet at naex.sk> writes:

>> I still don't    understand   how the Linuxaudio.org  consortium    is
>> represting anyone  but its members (as is  the case for all consortia,
>> which usually don't represent anyone but their own members).
> We all want to promote Linux Audio. The question is - what's the best
> way to do it?
> As i see it, the term 'linuxaudio' unifies the following:
> *linux audio developers
> *linux audio users
> *linux audio applications/projects 
> We shoudln't further fragment the community by setting up more mailing
> lists 

I   might or  might  not  agree  with  the  above  sentence (I  don't,
especially  because  I don't quite digest   people who tell me  what I
should  or shouldn't  do) but in   any case  it  answers  a completely
different question.

As   was already  pointed out,   mailing  lists (as  well as projects,
consortia, associations,  whatever)  get created and   if  there is no
interest   they die  (aside   from the   fact  that the  mailing lists
currently  working  on linuxaudio.org are  quite consortium specific).
And anyway you can always Cc: two mailing lists  if you feel a subject
is worth dicussing on both places.

> and using a domainname which can act as an entrance or a meeting
> point for all the 3 mentioned above.

The whole issue of the domain name still looks quite ridicolous to me,
given that:

- linuxaudio.org is  not  the only  domain name  available which could
fulfill the  role of a "entrance"  or "meeting point" (as Steve Harris
already pointed out);

- linuxaudio.org has been available for ages.  Why didn't anybody care
(why   didn't *you* care)  to  register it if  it  had such a symbolic
importance for the whole "community" (whatever this "community" is) ?

Anyway,  as a  member  of  the  Consortium,   as  soon as the   voting
mechanisms are set  up, I   will  propose  the creation  of   relevant
sub-domains  to host (and/or    redirect   to) Libre Software    audio
projects.  For example:



news.linuxaudio.org (for general news)
help.linuxaudio.org (for general help)

Any proposals are appreciated.

> The  second problem  is  - protection.  OSS software  can  be easily
> abused as it's  'naked' so to  speak. Having a consortium consisting
> of companies and projects seems like having both a  wolf and a sheep
> in one bag.  

I don't get your  point, but I'm very  interested in your  (or anybody
else's)  ideas on  how   Libre  Software  can and   should  be legally
protected from  abuse (which, mind  you, doesn't necessarily come from
companies, but anyway).

> Besides it's not clear whether the companies mentioned on the la.org
> members page have any relation  to the applications mentioned on the
> same page.

I didn't understand this.

I've put consortium at lists.linuxaudio.org in Cc:, please keep it (and
remove linux-audio-dev if you feel this discussion is off topic here).



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