[Consortium] Re: Electrical supply for GNU/Linux audio centre, stand 49

Daniel James daniel at linuxaudio.org
Thu Jan 22 11:01:50 EST 2004

Hello Stephanie,

> This is a standard health & safety regulation employed in all
> venues. I believe it's to do with the electrical fittings being
> temporary and that the angle and weight of several plugs going into
> an adapter causes stress on the socket contacts which increases the
> risk of fire.

Ah - you mean those adaptor cube things which have three or four 
sockets on them, one each side? I never use those anyway, and I'd 
quite understand if they were banned.

> You don't however have to pay for one socket per piece of equipment
> as 4 way gangs are permitted

Thanks for clearing that up - the lighting and power order form 
doesn't make a distinction between different types of adaptor.  We'll 
bring a watt meter to make sure we're not overloading the supply.


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