[Consortium] linuxaudio.org

Andrea Glorioso andrea.glorioso at agnula.org
Sat Jan 24 05:46:29 EST 2004

Marek Peteraj <marpet at naex.sk> writes:

>> If we reach a  consensus on how  to  handle this  thing, I  could even
>> propose  (as a consortium member)
> You could even propose to the members?? 

Of course.  Linuxaudio.org  has been registered  for being used by the
Consortium.   As such,  I  don't have any  definitive power  over that
domain, I need to ask for a voting to take place.

> No thanks.

As you wish.

>> > You don't have to. Luckily I can *now* read it here:
>> > http://lists.agnula.org/pipermail/consortium/2004-January/thread.html
>> You could read everything even before, you just had to subscribe. 
> There was no link. Remember?

If you tried to visit the archives via:


you should have seen all the instructions to subscribe.

>> Even  though I've been thinking  for  some time to  propose the  other
>> Consortium's members to change  domain name (just for  the sake of not
>> losing time on stupid arguments like this) it's highly probable that I
>> would vote *against* selling it to you, given the way in which you are
>> presenting your  ideas 
> Given the way you are responding. You were speaking to me in an
> offending tone from the start.

Grow a thicker skin.  I'm not going to use a  diplomatic tone if I get
accused of wanting to "divide the LAD  community" (whatever it is) and
other heinous crimes against Libre Software.

>> (and, I should add, the basic fact that you accurately avoid answering
>> questions you don't know how to answer).

> Listen.  I'm not going to repeat  myself over and over again. Almost
> everything has been said in the LAD linuxaudio.org thread. Basic law
> background would help you to understand. I don't  have the energy to
> explain things when all i get is your offending tone.

I happen to have   a slightly-more-than-basic law  background (italian
civil law) thanks to my studies.  I read the "linuxadio.org" thread on
LAD.   Still,  I don't get  your  points.   Since you   are trying  to
convince me (as a member of the consortium) that my ideas are wrong, I
suspect the  burden of being repetitive and/or  more convincing  is on
your shoulders.

>> You  know,  people  here have  been doing   it for  some time, without
>> worrying too  much  about domain    names.   If you  are  willing   to
>> contribute, I have plenty of things to do inside AGNULA (documentation
>> writing, graphical artwork,    web  mastering,  news  collecting   and
>> newsletter writing) that are *all* libre and could use some help.
> I'd like to do that for LAD, LAU, LAA instead. Thanks.

Fine.  If you need hosting space (within  any domain of your choosing)
AGNULA  will  gladly host you  (well,  maybe not  so gladly, but since
AGNULA has precise goals as a project I'm not going to let my personal
feelings get in the way).

> Offending tone.

Again: grow  a thicker skin.    Let me  know   if you need the   above
mentioned services.  In the meantime, all the best with your efforts.



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