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Marek Peteraj marpet at naex.sk
Sat Jan 24 08:41:01 EST 2004

On Sat, 2004-01-24 at 11:46, Andrea Glorioso wrote: 
> Marek Peteraj <marpet at naex.sk> writes:
> >> If we reach a  consensus on how  to  handle this  thing, I  could even
> >> propose  (as a consortium member)
> >
> > You could even propose to the members?? 
> Of course.  Linuxaudio.org  has been registered  for being used by the
> Consortium.   As such,  I  don't have any  definitive power  over that
> domain, I need to ask for a voting to take place.

See below.

> > No thanks.
> As you wish.
> >> > You don't have to. Luckily I can *now* read it here:
> >> > http://lists.agnula.org/pipermail/consortium/2004-January/thread.html
> >> 
> >> You could read everything even before, you just had to subscribe.
> >
> > There was no link. Remember?
> If you tried to visit the archives via:
> http://lists.linuxaudio.org/mailman/listinfo/consortium-p
> you should have seen all the instructions to subscribe.

Just to remind you.


which was post #41 *after* i have crossposted on LAD.

> > Listen.  I'm not going to repeat  myself over and over again. Almost
> > everything has been said in the LAD linuxaudio.org thread. Basic law
> > background would help you to understand. I don't  have the energy to
> > explain things when all i get is your offending tone.
> I happen to have   a slightly-more-than-basic law  background (italian
> civil law) thanks to my studies.  I read the "linuxadio.org" thread on
> LAD.   Still,  I don't get  your  points.   Since you   are trying  to
> convince me (as a member of the consortium) that my ideas are wrong, I
> suspect the  burden of being repetitive and/or  more convincing  is on
> your shoulders.

So you should know that the one who has registered the domain 
has got (to quote)"definitive power over that domain".

That isn't the consortium since it isn't a legal entity and can't claim ownership.

Who registered the domain?

> Again: grow  a thicker skin.   

Learn how to be more polite.


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