[Consortium] Where is the quality?

Jonas Seffel jonas at seffel.net
Tue Jan 27 10:01:32 EST 2004

This might not be the best list for sending this, but here goes:

Where is the softsynths? Me and many other musicians miss quality softsynths.
The only ones that I've found is amSynth and Hydrogen. I would also like to see a good sampler, I've found one that looks interesting - LinuxSampler, but it doesn't even have a GUI yet.
Aren't there any LADSPA softsynths? Would be VERY nice to load up a synth from within Rosegarden/Muse.

Anyways, things are looking better. The sequencers and audioeditors has come a long way, but where are the sound producing apps?

(Please don't mention any soundfont players)


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