[Consortium] demographics

Andrea Glorioso sama at agnula.org
Wed Jan 28 09:48:44 EST 2004

R Parker <rtp405 at yahoo.com> writes:

> Hi,
> I'm thinking the consortium could  provide some simple  demographics
> that provide an indication of the number of Linux audio users. Maybe
> start  with a  simple   page and a   link  to Joern's  mailing  list
> subscription count.   It's easy to imagine  the content would become
> more  useful with time and not  to much effort.  Maybe  we could ask
> Demudi, Planet  CCRMA, etc for download  stats. Http stats  for hits
> might also be interesting.

We can provide our stats without problems, provided that privacy laws
are respected.

For the record, I'd prefer people use the term "AGNULA" when referring
to the  project at large  (which  works on documentation,  libre music
database,  as well as on   the distributions) and "AGNULA/DeMuDi" when
talking about the debian-based distribution.

There is some confusion on the term "demudi"  - the project started by
Guenter Geiger and Marco Trevisani some years  ago - and AGNULA. Marco
doesn't work for the project anymore and  Guenter is there only as far
as his work at UPF (CLAM) is concerned. [0]



[0] Guenter's work  in Debian is   invaluable for us   - but that's  a
different story.

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