[Consortium] demographics

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Wed Jan 28 10:26:35 EST 2004

Andrea Glorioso wrote:

>R Parker <rtp405 at yahoo.com> writes:
>>I'm thinking the consortium could  provide some simple  demographics
>>that provide an indication of the number of Linux audio users. Maybe
>>start  with a  simple   page and a   link  to Joern's  mailing  list
>>subscription count.   It's easy to imagine  the content would become
>>more  useful with time and not  to much effort.  Maybe  we could ask
>>Demudi, Planet  CCRMA, etc for download  stats. Http stats  for hits
>>might also be interesting.
>We can provide our stats without problems, provided that privacy laws
>are respected.
I can provide stats from linux-sound.org and (IIRC) from linuxsound.at. 
Kenji would probably
email my stats from the Japanese site.

>For the record, I'd prefer people use the term "AGNULA" when referring
>to the  project at large  (which  works on documentation,  libre music
>database,  as well as on   the distributions) and "AGNULA/DeMuDi" when
>talking about the debian-based distribution.
>There is some confusion on the term "demudi"  - the project started by
>Guenter Geiger and Marco Trevisani some years  ago - and AGNULA. Marco
>doesn't work for the project anymore and  Guenter is there only as far
>as his work at UPF (CLAM) is concerned. [0]
I'll try to be more sensitive about the distinction in my writing, I 
think it's good to make the distinction clear.

And yes, Guenter rocks.



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