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Andrea Glorioso sama at agnula.org
Wed Jan 28 16:44:27 EST 2004

Joern Nettingsmeier <nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de> writes:

> or just provide a sort of standardized link list, so that all other
> participants of the webring can be seen at a glance from each of the
> sites.

Yep   -  I  personally   prefer  the  implementation I described,  but
conceptually Joern's version is practically the same.

>>>Maybe a linux audio user webring is a thing?
>> I think this would make sense.
>> As regards   the policies,  I  would  like  to  know (pending
>> further
>> discussion on LAD/LAU, I'm just proposing here so  that we can propose
>> a more-than-basic-draft idea) your position  on Libre Software issue -
>> i.e. shall we  specifically deny membership  to sites which talk about
>> using proprietary applications on GNU/Linux systems for audio/video ?
> perhaps we could have two sections: free community sites and
> commercial sites. 

I fail to  understand how the distinction  could be made.  As long  as
the produced software is Libre Software, the produced documentation is
licensed  under either the GNU  FDL  (for technical documentation)  or
under a  Creative Commons license (Attribution, Attribution/ShareAlike
are my proposed choices) the distinction between "commercial" and "non
commercial" becomes, IMHO, unuseful and *could* become unflexible.

If the lead developer of  a  supposedly non commercial Libre  Software
project is  hired for consulting  on that particular piece of software
s/he's been working on, does  that turn the  project into a commercial
one?   That's just a little  example of situations  that  can and will
arise while Libre Software becomes more popular in the audio domain.

On the other hand, focusing on Libre Software (while not problem-free,
of  course) has  a  clearer characterization.   After all, there  is a
reason  why Libre Software   licenses explicitly allow  for commercial

> linuxaudio.org could sit in between (this might even be reflected in
> the layout of the webring footer)

We could mark "Libre" web sites with a clear icon or a tangible sign,
so that people know what is Libre and what is not.

If the distinction I'm proposing is fine with you, we should of course
(and  with "we"  I mean  a  probably larger  audience than  this list,
although pinpointing the  most  problematic point  right now can  help
focusing the  larger  discussion later   on)  discuss on  what  can be
considered "Libre"   or not.  Did  you  order your <fill in  with your
preferred stimulating drug here> supply? :)

>> Any takers for the logo ?
> as it happens, i'm a big fan of the lad icon, and we have worked a
> while to make it known to the public.  it's the LAD logo, but
> everybody is invited to use it to "show their affiliation with the
> LAD community". maybe we should broaden the concept to "linux audio
> community".

That would make sense to me.

> anyway, it's not up to me to decide. frank neumann has the copyright
> (the "affiliation" wording is his), and i would like to see it
> discussed on LAD.


> i would like to see all parts of the community (LAD, linuxaudio.org,
> younameit) share a common logo to generate some "corporate identity"
> both for the members of the communities and visitors, without each
> part implicitly having to endorse everything the other does.

That's not so easy, I fear.  It can be made doable providing a very
clear set of rules to abide to (and discussing them, of course).

> <braindump>
> in the same move, i like andrea's offer of subdomains a lot.

Just to be clear, in this moment it's more of  a proposal I will do to
other consortium's  members.  I'm not  the owner of the linuxaudio.org
domain - the owner  is Daniel James at  the moment, although I suppose
it will  be passed  on  to the Consortium  as  soon  as the latter  is

Said that, as I already wrote, I will propose this subdomain project
to the Consortium and vote for it.

> in my personal view, something like the following would be perfect:
> linuxaudio.org (to become a portal with links to all the sub-domains)
> consortium.linuxaudio.org (what is now linuxaudio.org)
> lists.linuxaudio.org (what is now the administrative part of the lad page)
> community.linuxaudio.org (news about meetings and events, maybe a
> user-driven news portal in the future)
> software.linuxaudio.org (dave's site)
> documentation.linuxaudio.org (all the stuff from patrick's site,
> alsa-wiki, presentation material, press coverage, and whatever useful
> remains after cleaning up the lad page)
> alsa.linuxaudio.org (a link to the alsa site)
> jack.linuxaudio.org (a link to jackit.sf.net)
> ladspa.linuxaudio.org (a link to ladspa.org and plugin.org.uk)
> i don't really care whether these are subdomains or directories, but i
> would love to see all the major linux audio sites (that relate to more
> than one project or, such as jack, provide an infrastructure of sorts)
> collected here and maybe share some common looks.

I'm not sure I understood what do you mean for "relating to more than
one project".

As for the common looks,  it would be nice,  but I'm not sure this can
easily  happen   without  major manpower   (and   some nice diplomatic

> don't get me wrong, i'm not intending to force anybody in, or
> annihilate people's private efforts. it's just a "would be nifty"
> scenario to have everybody under one roof, and it has the nice
> side-effect of alleviating the remaining paranoia against
> linuxaudio.org :-D

> i'm prepared to move the lad page over to linuxaudio.org if people
> don't vote against it.

I'd personally  love  it - but  I'd  like first to see  the Consortium
legal status, wrt  its nature and its  statute, to be clearly  defined
first.  This   is to  avoid  any incomprehension  (i.e.    any humanly
avoidable   and understandable   uncomprehension,  we  neither can nor
should worry about the rest).



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