[Consortium] linuxaudio.org

Daniel James daniel at mondodesigno.com
Thu Jan 29 05:42:00 EST 2004

> >>perhaps a nice "linux audio social contract", no longer than one
> >> page ?

I suggest the Board, when formed, starts from the existing policy 


I think all the clauses are reasonable, but from now on that will be 
for the Board to decide.

> >> (daniel, iirc it was you who complained about the gpl 
> >> being too long and nobody reading it - i agree totally!)

It was me! If the policy is clear, then there's no room for FUD. 

Perhaps it's because I have some background as an editor, and have 
always written very short pieces myself. In the days of the 'blue 
pencil' used by newspaper editors, it was said that a really good 
editor could condense a full page of text into just a handful of the 
most important words.

> > It could make sense to draft a proposal and reserve  a slot
> > during the 2nd  LAD conference for  presenting it  (as  well as 
> > on  the relevant mailing lists, of course),

I think there should be a linuxaudio.org meeting there anyway - I 
envisaged a sort of 'round table'. I put the idea to Matthias Nagorni 
already, who liked the idea and said he would put it to Frank 

> daniel, once you are back, will you be with us in karlsruhe?

I am planning to be there - at the moment I'm trying to get magazine 
interest in the conference to a) increase publicity and b) help pay 
for the trip, but there have been no firm commitments from editors so 



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