[Consortium] re: linuxaudio.org

Marek Peteraj marpet at naex.sk
Thu Jan 29 17:28:19 EST 2004

> > I'd like to have  a clearer understanding of  what the legal> 
> > situation of the Consortium   is (or is planned to   be).
> At the moment it has no legal status, in any country. This is what I 
> was planning:

> 1. Register post office box (here in the UK) as the contact address of 
> the linuxaudio.org consortium (I've sent off the forms, I'm just 
> waiting for the Royal Mail to do their bit). It would be great to 
> have an office for the project and staff, but realistically the 
> resources aren't in place yet.


> From there on my management role will end, as democratically speaking 
> I wouldn't be able to supervise myself. It's then up to the 
> Management Board to decide if they want to form a legal organisation, 
> replace me with someone who could do a better job etc etc.

But if your role would end, and you wouldn't be able to supervise, 
who would handle the post then?

> 2. Contact all the member projects to make sure they have named a 
> representative for the Management Board, subscribe these people to 
> the Management mailing list, and announce the formation of the Board.

Consider it a troll (again) but i have to say this:

>From a legal point of view, it's just a bunch of projects and companies 
listed on a site, the domain is entirely in the hands of Daniel.

I just can't understand why there's a need for a virtual consortium under a 
such attractive and useful domain.

An organisation should be the last step in promoting linuxaudio.
There are lots of issues which need to be solved before an organisation can be established.

And i fear that it will involve another mailing-list, what's worse, a private one.
The managment board mailing list.

As the software is open source itself, why is there any need for private mailinglists?
Is there anything we should hide?

> On the subject of subdomains, I think it's a good idea, but I am keen 
> to avoid duplication of effort. 


> As for the domain name, I did register it myself and it currently has 
> my home address on the WHOIS records. As soon as I know what the post 
> office box number is, I will change the records. There has to be a 
> named contact for billing and technical though, so if no-one objects 
> I'll leave myself as the contact for billing for now.

> I don't want 
> the domain to expire in a couple of years time because no-on else 
> remembered to renew it! 

Seems like all my words were worthless. I'd register it and redirect it to LAD (and LAU) homepage first.
Then i'd just pester Joern with the plans i have mentioned before.
Worst case scenario - it would end up pointing to LAD and LAU homepage.


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