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Joern Nettingsmeier nettings at
Sat Jan 31 11:27:22 EST 2004

Andrea Glorioso wrote:
> iriXx <m at> writes:
>>for a long time i felt it was LAD by name, LAD by nature. there are few 
>>women on the list, and all of us who have been there have found it 
>>difficult to get in to the group. i'm sure this is unintentional - but 
>>changing the name would help an awful lot in removing this image.
> That's (very   unfortunately)  the   general situation of    women  in
> computing.  I  don't  think that changing  a  name is going  to change
> long-standing (bad) habits,  but  if it  in some way  can help attract
> more female users/developers/writers/whatever, I'm  all for  not using
> the term "LAD".
> <joking>
> On the other hand, think  about those poor guys whose  name is male in
> Italy but female in every other part of the world  - we get treated as
> females but we need to shave every morning just like males!
> </joking>


or imagine to have a nordic name whose gender seems not to be 
obvious in a number of languages and be spammed with both breast 
*and* penis enlargements :)

when the new LAD site is up, i will suggest LAUD as the new 
general-purpose acronym for the community around the lists. however, 
for practical reasons, i would like to retain LA[DAU] as shorthand 
for the individual lists. those who don't like the accidental 
connotation can spell it out :)
i'm with andrea in that changing the name is not going to change the 

i'll come up with a thread on LAD once the new site is up, and we 
can then discuss the acronym in the proper place...

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