LADs and GALs was Re: [Consortium] linuxaudio abbreviation

Andrea Glorioso sama at
Sat Jan 31 10:42:25 EST 2004

iriXx <m at> writes:

> for a long time i felt it was LAD by name, LAD by nature. there are few 
> women on the list, and all of us who have been there have found it 
> difficult to get in to the group. i'm sure this is unintentional - but 
> changing the name would help an awful lot in removing this image.

That's (very   unfortunately)  the   general situation of    women  in
computing.  I  don't  think that changing  a  name is going  to change
long-standing (bad) habits,  but  if it  in some way  can help attract
more female users/developers/writers/whatever, I'm  all for  not using
the term "LAD".

On the other hand, think  about those poor guys whose  name is male in
Italy but female in every other part of the world  - we get treated as
females but we need to shave every morning just like males!



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