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iriXx m at
Thu Jan 29 11:13:10 EST 2004

Brian Thomson wrote:

>Another suggested abbreviation for Linux Audio Developers: LAUD.
>As in "Oh, LAUD, why isn't this bloody thing working?!?"  8-/
>Brian Thomson
>(new member)

cool idea... its also a word for 'praise' as in Laud and honor.... in 
old hymn songs.

and its a bit like 'luid' which is loud in Dutch - 'geluid' meaning 

back to the word 'LAD'... it is actually a type of offensive, male 
chauvinist youth in England - thats the definition of the word in its 
modern usage. laddishness is the beer-swilling, foul mouthed type that 
has a contempt of women or a tendency to treat them as an object. GAL 
isnt much different i'm afraid, it still implies a little girl with not 
much intelligence.

when i first joined LAD i found it very difficult to fit in, as a woman. 
some of you may remember the moment when i switched to using the name 
'iriXx' instead of my real name, miriam, and got instant respect - the 
attitude and replies to my posts changed overnight. this is the reality 
of being a woman in the computer world. but what was even funnier was 
the day i outed myself, by correcting someone that iriXx was a 'she', 
not a 'he'. you could have heard a pin drop.

for a long time i felt it was LAD by name, LAD by nature. there are few 
women on the list, and all of us who have been there have found it 
difficult to get in to the group. i'm sure this is unintentional - but 
changing the name would help an awful lot in removing this image.


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