[Consortium] [Fwd] FSMSI 2004 - First european seminar on "Free Software for Multimedia Streaming over Internet"

Andrea Glorioso sama at miu-ft.org
Fri Jun 4 09:37:15 EDT 2004

Dear all and dear Jaromil,

>>>>> "jaromil" == jaromil  <jaromil at dyne.org> writes:

    > hello,

    > The First European Seminar on Free Software for Multimedia
    > Streaming over Internet

    > AHAHAHAHAHAHA.. ehr, ups, sorry, i'm still laughing since i read
    > it i mean: european institutions are playing being prehistorical
    > or what?  being 2004 we have had a whole lot of such seminars
    > allready, all over.

Actually  the choice    of wording  for  the announcement   was  quite
unfortunate (this  was due partly to time  pressure and  partly to the
fact that I'm not a native english speaker).   I was thinking about it
right after sending  the  announcement out,  but I  was hoping  nobody
would notice the ambiguity. :)

The intended meaning  was that this  would be the  first *instance* of
FSMSI (Free Software for  Multimedia Streaming over Internet).  It was
not meant to  say  that FSMSI was   the  first (or the only)   seminar
dealing specifically with streaming *and* Free Software.  I don't know
any  other   european-wide  seminars  specifically  devoted    to this
combination of topics (I know  about many conferences on streaming but
not specifically on Free Software, and viceversa) but this is only due
to my ignorance.

    > good luck Andrea, it's quite some responsability  to be there ;)
    > ciao (that's just inter-nos sarcasm, no polemic eh)

In this case  you are quite right -  our fault.  I'm  going to issue a
corrective statement  right  now; personally  I am not   interested in
asserting "I was   there first" (I  never was,  in this like  in other
fields  of endeavour); I'd rather  prefer to see good people gathering
and discussing topics I care very much for.

On a related note, I hope to see you at  the seminar, if you happen to
be in Paris on June 23/24.  If you  want to present the LiViDo project
during this seminar, I'd  be glad to  give you my allotted time (since
it would just be the introduction to  the overall seminar, and I think
I can reduce that to 2 minutes without people suffering too much).  Of
course, LiViDo is   not directly related   to streaming, but since  my
overall  idea is   to have   a   complete toolchain   for  audio/video
production,   editing,    transmission  and playback,   it    would be
interesting to hear your ideas on the topic.

Oh, and thank you for the mail -  I bet a pizza with  a friend of mine
that you would be the first to criticize the announcement. :)


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