[Consortium] [Fwd] FSMSI 2004 - First european seminar on "Free Software for Multimedia Streaming over Internet"

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Fri Jun 4 10:21:51 EDT 2004

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On Fri, Jun 04, 2004 at 03:37:15PM +0200, Andrea Glorioso wrote:
> On a related note, I hope to see you at  the seminar, if you happen to
> be in Paris on June 23/24.

unfortunately i'll not: i'm going to the trans.hackmeeting.org right in
that period, it's my week off from institutional delight, deep back into
the underground ;)

> If you  want to present the LiViDo project during this seminar, I'd
> be glad to  give you my allotted time (since it would just be the
> introduction to  the overall seminar, and I think I can reduce that to
> 2 minutes without people suffering too much).  Of course, LiViDo is
> not directly related   to streaming, but since  my overall  idea is
> to have   a   complete toolchain   for  audio/video production,
> editing,    transmission  and playback,   it    would be interesting
> to hear your ideas on the topic.

thanks for your interest, still i think it's too early for that, we are
going to settle something ready to be made public within the end of the
month hopefully, when me, Niels Elburg, Tom Schouten and Gabriel Finch
are hopefully going to meet.

> Oh, and thank you for the mail -  I bet a pizza with  a friend of mine
> that you would be the first to criticize the announcement. :)


about the list of seminars i'm sadly running out of time today for an
extensive research....

i've been doing a lot of seminars about that myself, proposing MuSE and
icecast as an alternative to real audio technology...
first one was back in 2000 at the hackmeeting.org
http://www.ecn.org/hackit00/ when we did a seminar with Radio Ondarossa,
which is now still streaming using dynebolic in their studio
another one was http://www.autistici.org/loa/web/main.html
that's when i got to know c1cc10 and bomboclat who did bolic1 and
inspired me for dyne:bolic :)
more you see on the left column of muse.dyne.org website, or

BTW i remember at that time RealNetworks offered me to "buy" dyne.org,
it was Rob Lanphier being part of the SMIL/W3C consortium - how funny!
i wonder if something like that happened as well to xiph.org ppl.

another interesting initiative is http://openserver.cccb.org
that is more institutional stuff,
i heard about it back in 2002 or even 2001

in the fertile italian underground there have been quite a lot of
seminars in schools as well social centers, many of them during 2001
i remember one in Campobasso even spawned a nice and young community
radio which is now institutionally tight to the high school where the
seminar was held, http://roi.culturalibera.org

and so on and so forth ...
the best thing of all this is that it's very hard to keep track :)


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