[Consortium] [Fwd] FSMSI 2004 - First european seminar on "Free Software for Multimedia Streaming over Internet"

Andrea Glorioso sama at miu-ft.org
Fri Jun 4 10:37:01 EDT 2004

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Harris <S.W.Harris at ecs.soton.ac.uk> writes:

    > On Fri, Jun 04, 2004 at 03:37:15 +0200, Andrea Glorioso wrote:
    >> Dear all and dear Jaromil,
    >> >>>>> "jaromil" == jaromil <jaromil at dyne.org> writes:
    >> > hello,
    >> > The First European Seminar on Free Software for Multimedia >
    >> Streaming over Internet
    >> > AHAHAHAHAHAHA.. ehr, ups, sorry, i'm still laughing since i
    >> read > it i mean: european institutions are playing being
    >> prehistorical > or what?  being 2004 we have had a whole lot of
    >> such seminars > allready, all over.
    >> Actually the choice of wording for the announcement was quite
    >> unfortunate (this was due partly to time pressure and partly to
    >> the fact that I'm not a native english speaker).  I was
    >> thinking about it right after sending the announcement out, but
    >> I was hoping nobody would notice the ambiguity. :)

    > <pedant>
    > actually it does read that way to me, the capilalisation of
    > First links it to the rest of the name, but maybe 1st would make
    > it clear that it was an ordinal, not a claim ;)
    > </pedant>

I want to change the title to:

"FSMSI 2004: european seminar on Free Software for Multimedia
 Streaming over Internet"

avoiding 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc altogether.

Francois (Dechelle) and I wrote this stuff and I'm  quite sure we both
meant what Steve understood, but since there *is* some ambiguity and I
want to avoid it as much as I can [0] I'll do  the proposed changes if
Francois agrees and if the native  english-speaking people around will
confirm me that there is less ambiguity this way. :)


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[0] I  had   to fight  with misunderstandings   working in  the AGNULA
project for a  whole year, and  I'd rather avoid  wasting my and other
people's time with such non-productive activity.

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