[Consortium] ...

Marek Peteraj marpet at naex.sk
Wed Mar 3 18:16:24 EST 2004

> Marek: just make a small effort to keep the discussion somehow 
> 'clean'
> from subjective (sym|anti)pathies

I'm sorry these lines should be addressed to somebody else.
After being called a troll several times, 
after reading several msgs such as:
"SO WHAT?????"
"i certainly do not want to face a stupid public tribunal such as this in 
return for my efforts."
"i think spamming my inbox with greater frequency than the MyDoom 
virus, and with less purpose, is trolling."
"don't preach freedom and deny others their freedom of choice. we've 
had enough of this bigotry lately."
"it tends to attract folks with little to say and too much 
time on their hands."
"marek, i must say you are getting on my nerves. people are trying to 
get something done here."
"stop bickering now"
"subtlety has totally failed to work so far. i'm offended too by your postings, 
too, and i'm really considering to filter your address."
"Sorry, but I will ignore your mails in the future."
"If you would like your agruments to be considered than do not bury them in such
"Tell you what Marek.  Why don't we play a game of who can keep quiet the 
longest?  You start."

Fair enough.

It's time to start learning from your own mistakes guys. My lines were not worth the effort. Good luck.

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