[Consortium] re: a few more rants...

Frank NEUMANN frank.neumann at st.com
Tue Mar 9 05:37:28 EST 2004

Hi Daniel,
you wrote:

> > are there  any  news on the  proposed
> > Linux Audio Consortium roundtable at the 2nd Linux Audio
> > Conference?
> I think Frank and Matthias were receptive to the idea, but I don't 
> think anything was scheduled so far.  At the very least we should 
> have a strategy meeting of some kind. 

We are in the final steps of fixing the programme right now; however, we had
not scheduled any "official" LA Consortium roundtable; instead, we have planned
to let a panel discussion take place on the last day (Sunday, May 2nd, around
3 PM). The topic for this discussion is not fixed yet (we thought about things
like "Linux audio - what's missing?" or "Is it a viable alternative to
Windows/MacOS X now?"), but I think we could merge our ideas and your interest
here somewhat.

What would be your topic suggestions for this roundtable?

      Frank Neumann (Frank.Neumann at st.com), VIONA Development Center
            STMicroelectronics, Karlstraße 27, 76133 Karlsruhe

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