[Consortium] re: a few more rants...

Daniel James daniel at linuxaudio.org
Tue Mar 9 06:03:41 EST 2004

>  we had
> not scheduled any "official" LA Consortium roundtable;

I don't think that matters if the subjects are being discussed anyway. 
Perhaps we can organise a get-together for consortium members outside 
of the formal conference timetable, eg a social event where we can 
discuss ideas over dinner/beer/your refreshment of choice...

> we 
> have planned to let a panel discussion take place on the last day
> (Sunday, May 2nd, around 3 PM). The topic for this discussion is
> not fixed yet (we thought about things like "Linux audio - what's
> missing?" or "Is it a viable alternative to Windows/MacOS X now?"),

I think the very existence of the conference proves that it's a viable 

> What would be your topic suggestions for this roundtable?

I think an interesting question would be 'Should libre audio software 
compete for mainstream users?' since this brings up further questions 
about interoperability with proprietary software, ease of use versus 
dumbed-down interfaces and so on.  



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