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re all,

On Wed, May 05, 2004 at 10:28:58AM +0100, Daniel James wrote:
> For the benefit of people who weren't able to attend, I'll summarise                                                                      
> the result of the linuxaudio.org meeting at the International Linux                                                                       
> Audio Conference in Karlsruhe, Germany last week.                                                                                         

thanks Daniel!

> The two main issues that were discussed were the legal status of the                                                                      
> linuxaudio.org consortium, and website consolidation.                                                                                     
> On the first point, several people thought that the organisation could                                                                    
> benefit by becoming a legal entity, such as a registered                                                                                  
> not-for-profit organisation. This possibility raises several                                                                              
> questions. In which country would it be registered? How would the                                                                         
> inevitable overhead caused by bureauracy be handled so that it did                                                                        
> not disproportionately consume advocacy resources? Could official                                                                         
> status actually restrict consortium activities?                                                                                           

there are good conditions for establishing a Foundation in Netherlands,
which can be then considered a non-profit organization in other european
countries (in Italy AFAIK a foundation is something different from what
it is in NL).

The good conditions essentially consist in thinner beaurocracy and low
prices: with approx 500 euros one can cover all the costs needed.

I can further investigate this opportunity while i'm in Amsterdam (until
end of june), if you all think is worthwhile.

I also agree that a foundation/non-profit-org is a good way to shape our
efforts, as long we are enough people (AFAIK a min of 8 is needed) and
we have a clear (and one could say strong) motivation for our mission.

> The consortium could help here by co-ordinating a reorganisation of                                                                       
> sites around the most appropriate domain names, using sub-domains                                                                         
> where appropriate. Then content management systems could be used to                                                                       
> spread the work of maintaining sites among teams of editors.                                                                              
> Naturally there would have to be legacy links in place to make sure                                                                       
> that information was not lost.                                                                                                            

good idea.

tech-wise i suggest to first evaluate the use of RSS feeds to do that,
that could be a first working exchange of links and infos. At least
the linuxaudio page could start publishing a feed that others can


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