[Consortium] Meeting at Karlsruhe

Richard Bown richard.bown at ferventsoftware.com
Thu May 6 04:56:37 EDT 2004

On Thursday 06 May 2004 09:21, Daniel James wrote:

> I already asked Jörn Nettingsmeier if we could have an RSS feed from
> the linux-audio-announce mailing list, since that's an already
> established channel for relevant news, and is moderated. He was
> already planning to work on that, it turns out.

We (linuxmusician.com) would certainly be interested in that one too.

> If anyone has suggestions for a CMS other than Mambo, I'd be
> interested to hear them. I've used Post-Nuke in the past, but I found
> it quite inflexible.

One thing to bear in mind with Mambo 4.5/5 is that you need shell access
to get it set up right - well, it certainly helps.  We're running 4.0.14
on linuxmusician and it works well and is pretty simple to setup over
FTP although it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the latest

I'd be happy to share whatever experiences I've got of setting up Mambo
for LinuxAudio.org - but one thing I would say (in reference to LM) is
that while having a content management system and user login facility is
all well and good - actually motivating registered users to add stories,
news and links is another thing entirely.  But that's just one of those
general CM issues - what I mean is, if it's just a case of maintaining a
list of stuff in a pretty way and minimal overhead to even a single editor
then it's still worth the (relatively minor) hassle of putting Mambo


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