[Consortium] Re: Xiph and Linuxaudio.org

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Sun May 9 18:37:10 EDT 2004

>     > If not (or even if so) perhaps some representatives of AGNULA
>     > would like to have an informal meeting via IRC with us Xiph guys
>     > to find out how we can help each other.
> I'd very much like it.  Do you have any good dates  at hand, so that I
> can check my schedule (I can speak on behalf of the AGNULA project and
> I still  probably am the  most indicated  person to do  that, although
> I've been working to change  that and get some  sleep  at last :)  and
> collect some  kind of wishlist/offerings   from our team and  users in
> advance?

Some ideas off the top of my head:

- What is the high level direction of AGNULA?  Who's using it?  Who's
  behind it, what's in it, etc.  Probably some of this could be answered
  by reading the website, so we'd be sure to do that prior to the
  meeting.  But I'm sure we'll have questions and not everything will be
  there :)

- How well are Xiph.org codecs supported in AGNULA?  Is Ogg the default?
  :)  If not, can we convince you to make it the default? :)

- Ralph and I are both amateur musicians, and Monty is a an
  amateur/semi-pro mixing/recording engineer.  I'm sure we could have a
  pleasant conversation about what apps are there, what apps are
  missing, etc.  I'm sure Postfish would be a nice addition to AGNULA :)

But like I said, pretty informal.  I just thought it was high time we
all get together, have a nice chat, and see if there aren't more ways to
work together :)

As for timeframe, I'm CET, Ralph is PST, and Monty is EST.  Late
afternoons and evenings for me are mornings and early afternoons for
them, and probably the best time.  I have a 4 day weekend coming up this
weekend, so I'd be happy to have it then.  I'm busy until at least
Thursday evening otherwise.


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