[Consortium] Re: Xiph and Linuxaudio.org

Andrea Glorioso andrea.glorioso at agnula.org
Wed May 5 18:25:47 EDT 2004

>>>>> "Jack" == Jack Moffitt <jack at xiph.org> writes:

    >> I'm *so* happy about this.  The Xiph Foundation participation
    >> inside the (prospective?) Linux Audio Consortium was a very
    >> important point for the AGNULA project, and I'd like to say a
    >> big "thank you" to everybody that made this happen.

    > :) Glad you like us :)

    > Are there any kidn of regular meetings between members?

Not yet, but we could probably set them up.

    > If not (or even if so) perhaps some representatives of AGNULA
    > would like to have an informal meeting via IRC with us Xiph guys
    > to find out how we can help each other.

I'd very much like it.  Do you have any good dates  at hand, so that I
can check my schedule (I can speak on behalf of the AGNULA project and
I still  probably am the  most indicated  person to do  that, although
I've been working to change  that and get some  sleep  at last :)  and
collect some  kind of wishlist/offerings   from our team and  users in


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