[Consortium] Meeting at Karlsruhe

Andrea Glorioso andrea.glorioso at agnula.org
Sat May 29 10:07:39 EDT 2004

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel James <daniel at mondodesigno.com> writes:

    > I'm not personally bothered which country that linuxaudio.org is
    > registered in, but I now recall that I have a contact which
    > provides low cost legal advice for not-for-profits here:

    > http://interchange.org.uk/legal/
    > I'll ask them what they think.

That's a good idea, thank you!

    > The Agnula project is going through a similar process of formal
    > registration, and I've suggested to Andrea Glorioso that we work
    > together on this to reduce duplicated bureaucratic overhead,
    > since the aims of both entities are very similar.

Just to be precise:   it's not AGNULA  that  is going to   be formally
registered anywhere.   What we  (I,  some past  members of  the former
AGNULA Consortium, other   volunteers) are going   to do is  create  a
separate  entity which  will  have, amongst  its  "social goals",  the
promotion of Free Software in the audio/video  domain.  Of course, the
AGNULA project will probably be one  of the main beneficiaries of this
entity, at least in the start; but the idea is  that we should be able
to fund and/or help  any other group or   person we deem valuable  and
works with/for Free Software in the audio/video domain.

If AGNULA disappears and/or becomes clearly  obsoleted with regards to
other  (similar) projects,  then we  want this  entity  to  be able to
continue its existence.

As  per avoid duplication I'd  agree - the main problem  I see in this
moment is the  different stance the  Linuxaudio.org consortium and the
wannabe   "agnulesque" entity seem  to  have  with regards  to Free vs
proprietary Software.


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