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miriam clinton (iriXx) m at iriXx.org
Sat May 29 12:24:22 EDT 2004

i'd need to check this out with my former tutor - but as a reasonably 
fluent Dutch speaker i understand Stichting to mean any kind of 
organisation - it does not have a legal meaning as far as i am aware.

then again - IANADL - i am not a dutch lawyer ;)


Andrea Glorioso wrote:

>>>>>>"jaromil" == jaromil  <jaromil at dyne.org> writes:
>    > hello,
>    > I gathered some information on the topic of registering a
>    > foundation here in Amsterdam, but please keep in mind IANAL.
>Thank you very much for your work!
>    > what is a  Foundation (Stichting)  in Netherlands?   Foundations
>    > are continental European equivalents  of the Anglo-Saxon trusts,
>    > the long-established estate   and tax planning tool whose  chief
>    > purpose is  to  provide a  safe haven  for  assets  intended for
>    > selected beneficiaries. Like trusts, they offer  a number of tax
>    > benefits,  their chief  purpose being  to  provide  a haven  for
>    > assets intended for nominated beneficiaries.
>Just a  single  thing I'm not sure  I  understood: does `nominated' in
>this context means that beneficiaries of the assets should be declared
>beforehand and not changed throughout the lifetime of the "Stichting"?
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