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Andrea Glorioso sama at miu-ft.org
Tue Sep 28 13:11:35 EDT 2004

Sorry guys,

but I think I missed the initial part of this thread - I can't
understand what the problem is.

Can someone point me in the right direction?



>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel James <daniel at linuxaudio.org> writes:

    > Hi Sili,
    >> Please forgive me for my english.

    > No need - your English is fine.

    >> For audio stuff we should stop crusade. We should choose one
    >> GUI paltform.

    > I'm inclined to agree. I know a lot of people are choosing
    > Fluxbox because of the low resource overhead.

    >> I saw only two application that runs on any linux distro with
    >> easy installation without using make, configure etc and
    >> spending time to install additional libraries if required
    >> (Netscape and openoffice).

    > Perhaps they were static binaries, with all the libraries
    > compiled in. Although that's a good way to make sure an
    > application will install without dependencies, I don't think
    > it's particularly efficient. In my view, the best solution is a
    > robust package management system such as apt or urpmi. Apt is
    > used by both DeMuDi and Planet CCRMA at home, while Thac's RPMs
    > for Mandrake uses urpmi.

    >> You should seriously consider what i wrote above as future
    >> standards for audio application listed in distros.

    > While there is the freedesktop.org initiative for general users,
    > I don't think anyone has attempted to set compatibility
    > standards for Linux audio workstations. At the moment, I'd
    > expect that most of the adaptation work is falling on the binary
    > package maintainers.

    >> Its time to do right thing and not just talking about it.

    > I'm in 100% agreement with you there!

    > Cheers

    > Daniel

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