[Consortium] Re: [Freebob-devel] Status of FireWire/MLan support?

Daniel James daniel at linuxaudio.org
Thu Apr 21 05:34:31 EDT 2005

Hi Daniel,

> > The representative of M-Audio was under the impression that 'the
> > guys from SuSE' were working with them on support for the
> > FireWire 410 product.

> Hehe, interesting. "The guys" mostlikely are we.  But the FireWire
> 410 and 1810 from M-Audio are not BeBob based.

Maybe he was thinking of the ALSA project then - I haven't heard back 
from them yet, but I'd guess they're busy getting ready for the 
Karlsruhe conference.

> We might support
> them in future (if someone finds time to do so). But currently we
> are concentrating on the real BeBob based products.

I think (or hope) that we are moving into a new phase where 
manufacturers are more actively involved in Linux support for their 
audio products. So hopefully volunteer time won't be so much of a 
constraining factor in future. 

> If you want to ask about help, ask for a BeBob based firmware. That
> would be the best thing for all.

Exactly which format do you need this firmware in? Presumably you have 
the binary already for the particular device you are testing on?

Wouldn't sample hardware on loan + firmware be better? I don't think 
that's impossible to arrange. If it makes these companies feel more 
comfortable about sending the hardware out, we could arrange for the 
Freebob project to become a member of linuxaudio.org - you'd be most 
welcome of course. (It doesn't cost anything to join).

> > Other companies that provided new contacts included Focusrite
> > (they now also make a FireWire interface), and the UK distributor
> > of RME products.
> The new Saphire is a BeBob based product.

Yes indeed, although it has other functions on top of the audio 
interface, such as DSP effects. I'm guessing this will need some kind 
of control application on top of the userspace driver.

> Which products on the markt are MLan based?

There is a list here:


According to this page, the mLAN spec is royalty-free and there is a 
BridgeCo chipset for it:


There are three kinds of mLAN licence:


As far I can see, driver development for a 'control node' requires a 
PTT (Patent, Technical information & Trademark) License.

This page says that among others, BridgeCo is a licensee:




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