[Consortium] Re: UK free software audio/video conference

Joern Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Mon Feb 21 13:07:53 EST 2005

Andrea Glorioso wrote:
>>>>>>"Daniel" == Daniel James <daniel at linuxaudio.org> writes:
>     > Hi Tim,
>     >> it would be good to webcast it in a similar manner to ZKM if at
>     >> all possible.
>     > Icecast should be no problem, but you'll need a good internet
>     > connection to serve a decent number of streams, as it's unicast
>     > I think.
> I think we can get help from IRCAM and INET, like we did last year for
> LAC.  As soon as I have an idea for a set of ideas I will contact the
> relevant persons.

i have just send out the second mail to the zkm streaming volunteers, 
asking who would be willing to stream other conferences as well. 
hopefully we'll end up with a permanent streaming infrastructure...



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