[Consortium] FAVE 2005 - Call for Presentations, Workshops and Artists

tim hall fave2005 at fave.org.uk
Thu Feb 24 10:13:05 EST 2005

 FAVE 2005
 Open source creativity
Call for Presentations, Workshops and Artists

 FAVE is a get-together for creative people who are interested in free
 and open source software on Linux and other computer platforms. It's
 taking place on Saturday August 13th 2005 at the Trinity Community &
 Arts Centre in Bristol, UK.  Everyone is welcome, especially if you've never  
used this kind of software before. 

 This is no dry, dull conference! It will be an accessible festival of
 fun with performances, installations and workshops. Topics will

 * Music production

 * Sound recording

 * Community radio and media

 * Video art and VJ's

 * 2D and 3D graphics

 * Game design

 * Creative Commons licensing

 * Software in the Welsh language

 There will also be an evening gig featuring performances from
 artists who use Linux and free software. The Trinity Centre is a large
 converted church, and a legendary music venue. It features a main
 stage area, room for stalls, a cafe, bar and kids' corner.

 If you would like to make a presentation, hold a workshop, or perform
 at this event, please contact the organisers via this address:

 fave2005 at fave.org.uk

 or via our website:


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