[Consortium] request for licensing advice from ron parker

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 13 13:07:34 EST 2005


I need advice for licensing a library of drum kit
audio samples. The following is a list of objectives:
1. free as in beer and speech useage and distribution
of the library for commercial and non-commercial
interests but the orginal copyright statement must
remain intact.
2. distribtuion of modified versions of the library is
strictly prohibited. Adding samples to the library or
changing the sound of any sample constitutes a
modification. I will accept contributions for
inclusion but the owner would have to share copyright.
3. derivitive products in the form of songs, sound
tracks or any other product can be freely distributed
but must include a credit to the effect of Drum
samples from "Mirror Image Drum Sample Library
copyright Ron Parker".

An example album credit could appear similar to the
Album Title
1. Free Beer written by Josephine Doe, drum samples
(MI), bass guitar John Doe, etc.
2. Free Speech written by John Doe, drum samples
(MI)...                        ...
Drum samples from Mirror Image Drum Sample Library
copyright Ron Parker.

I'm trying to find a specific license that exactly
covers my interests. Maybe it's a Creative Commons
license. The biggest problem is I don't have alot of
time to think about or research the licensing issues.
I'm not sure if restricting modification of the
library would prevent it from being included in Debian
distributions. Any thoughts on that? I appreciate all
help and advice.

Thank you,

Ron Parker
Mirror Image Recording Studios

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