[Consortium] Re: [Linuxsampler-devel] Re: linuxsampler and oneshotsampler

Bluefuture bluefuture at email.it
Fri Mar 18 15:05:46 EST 2005

Il giorno ven, 18-03-2005 alle 09:35 -0800, Mark Knecht ha scritto:
> There is no reason that these two orgranizations/projects couldn't
> leverage off of each others work. Gig files are indeed forst and
> foremost a collection of wave files, but gig files support many things
> beyond just the wave files so making a good gig file is more than just
> collecting the wave files together into a single gig file.
> Note that to date there is no work going on to make a Gig file editor
> under Linux that I know of. I still use the ones that come with the
> different versions of GigaStudio.

I think that swami already support editing of gig file. Yes swami could
be improved but is a good starting point in sampling editing [1][2].

It could be posted a tutorial on oneshotsampler about creating good
Gigafile instead of simple wave file. 
If linuxaudio consortuim could give the hardware infrastructure for
hosting Gigafiles in oneshotsampler we could have an usable sampling
free software/free sampler banks infrastructure in linux (like
gigastudio and sampletank in windows), hoping that Swami will improve as
SoundFont 2.0, DLS and GigaSampler frontend editor/manager. 

What do u think about this solution?



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