[Consortium] Re: [Linuxsampler-devel] Re: linuxsampler and oneshotsampler

Daniel James daniel at linuxaudio.org
Fri Mar 18 14:40:45 EST 2005

Hi Stefano,

> I think that swami already support editing of gig file.

According to the website, that feature is in the development version.

> It could be posted a tutorial on oneshotsampler about creating good
> Gigafile instead of simple wave file.

If someone from the linuxsampler project has that information then it 
would good to disseminate it - maybe as a 'quicktoot'. I personally 
have some good microphones, and record plenty of real instruments 
that could provide samples. 

> If linuxaudio consortuim could give the hardware infrastructure for
> hosting Gigafiles in oneshotsampler we could have an usable
> sampling free software/free sampler banks infrastructure

I'm afraid linuxaudio.org does not currently own any hardware which it 
could donate, but you could try asking member projects. AGNULA Libre 
Music hosts complete works, but I don't think they are doing samples 
as yet.

If you're talking about the really large samples, I think they might 
exceed disc space and bandwidth limitations quite quickly on any 
hosted machine. Perhaps a peer-to-peer infrastructure based around 
BitTorrent would work. 


Daniel James

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