[Consortium] Re: [Linuxsampler-devel] Re: linuxsampler and oneshotsampler

Bluefuture bluefuture at email.it
Fri Mar 18 15:59:13 EST 2005

Il giorno ven, 18-03-2005 alle 19:40 +0000, Daniel James ha scritto:
> Hi Stefano,
> > I think that swami already support editing of gig file.
> According to the website, that feature is in the development version.
>From a mail of Josh Green 2005-01-03 in swami-devel mailiglist:

 Nice to hear that linuxsampler is improving, I hope they provide an API
 for it to be used generically for other than GigaSampler files (I must
 admit I"m biased towards that proprietary format).  There is still a bit
 of work to do to add GigaSampler support to libInstPatch/Swami.  I"m
 working now to get Swami 1.0 fully functional, and that in itself still
 needs a bit of work.  Once that is done I will look into adding more
 complete GigaSampler support.  Right now it will just load it as a DLS
 file (samples are parsed and instrument names, but not much else), and
 there is no save support for GigaSampler yet.

> > It could be posted a tutorial on oneshotsampler about creating good
> > Gigafile instead of simple wave file.

> If someone from the linuxsampler project has that information then it 
> would good to disseminate it - maybe as a 'quicktoot'. I personally 
> have some good microphones, and record plenty of real instruments 
> that could provide samples. 

Good idea.

> > If linuxaudio consortuim could give the hardware infrastructure for
> > hosting Gigafiles in oneshotsampler we could have an usable
> > sampling free software/free sampler banks infrastructure
> I'm afraid linuxaudio.org does not currently own any hardware which it 
> could donate, but you could try asking member projects. AGNULA Libre 
> Music hosts complete works, but I don't think they are doing samples 
> as yet.
> If you're talking about the really large samples, I think they might 
> exceed disc space and bandwidth limitations quite quickly on any 
> hosted machine. Perhaps a peer-to-peer infrastructure based around 
> BitTorrent would work. 

Always from a mail of Josh Green 2005-01-03 in swami-devel mailiglist:

 I"m getting ready to unveil an online instrument database for sharing
 instruments.  It already supports GigaSampler, SoundFont and DLS.  It
 needs a bit of beta testing though before going public.  I"ll definitely
 announce it on the Swami devel list when I could use some testers.

Probably there is only need the hard disk space for uploading samples, the better choice 
for distributing free giga collection could be done done trough bittorrent files on the site. 
Probably oneshotsample could collaborate with this archive of Josh Green (swami developer)?


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