[Consortium] ladspa repository

Daniel James daniel at 64studio.com
Thu Apr 20 12:26:51 EDT 2006

Hi Steve,

>>For example, we currently include about 220 LADSPA plugins in 64 Studio, 
>>but I don't think I ever use more than a dozen of those in my own 
>>studio. Even then, some of the AMS demos don't work because we don't 
>>have all the plugins they need.
> It's a tricky issue. It something that's actually easier on other
> platforms where plugins tend to be distributed individually, or in small
> groups. Doing that with source would be a right pain, and primarily
> distribuing linux plugins as binaries seems a bit wierd.

I just meant for the distros. I think Patrick's original suggestion of a 
single place to get all the LADSPA plugin sources from makes sense, to 
guard against individual sites disappearing.

> I've no idea how you'd break them up.

Maybe RDF could help here - a package of compressors, a package of 
oscillators and so on. But you'd still end up with a lot of potentially 
confusing options.

Perhaps the thing to do is run a poll to find out the twenty or so most 
useful plugins in a particular context. So for example if you're 
recording a rock band you're looking for a compressor, a limiter, a 
reverb and so on, whereas if you are doing research into synthesis you 
probably want a whole different set of plugins.

Anyway, I've put ladspa.linuxaudio.org into DNS for now. Should be 
working in half an hour, then Ico can set up a root directory for it.



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