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Ivica Ico Bukvic ico.bukvic at gmail.com
Sun Apr 23 11:55:33 EDT 2006

> It's not like the logo font would be well established. Would be silly
> to try with a freeware font, anyway. The a and g should make anyone
> with an eye for typography cringe. You have to consider what the
> font communicates. This one says linuxaudio.org is an unfinished hack,
> imo, which might even be true now, but will not stay that way ;)
> I like the friendly round dots and narrowness, though.

I can see your point now :-). G can be almost interpreted as a Q. You are
IMHO also right about making penguin a taller than the text. I do prefer the
ground line better as it provides some sense of ground and links the logo
with the text better.

With all that being said, I personally prefer the 3rd from the top which has
G adjusted and the penguin is taller than the text. Perhaps fixing the top
part of A in linuxAudio.org so that it does not look like it's sagging down,
but rather running in parallel with the "belly" of the letter "a" could
possibly fix that.

Letters in versions below the aforesaid third seem to be too spaced out and
the text seems IMHO more ordinary.

> For small sizes, the penguin might actualy be better off without the
> "soundwaves", but let's concentrate on the font, first.

I think you are also right about this as well. How about placing waves
completely out of the penguin's mouth?

FWIW, I've attached my ugly hack-visualization that addresses the soundwaves
and the letter "A" concerns.

Best wishes,


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