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Ivica Ico Bukvic ico.bukvic at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 10:56:30 EDT 2006

> Here we go again:
> http://affenbande.org/~thorwil/wordpress/2006/04/25/linuxaudioorg-banner-
> 3/

Thank you all for the useful feedback!

I'd say 2nd from the top with the sound waves fixed is IMHO still the best

In response to other font-related conversation that has transpired in the
follow-up e-mails, please allow me to suggest that we stick to the existing
font as much as possible in order to preserve at least some of the founding
legacy. Otherwise, we will be setting a precedent that every time we
redesign the logo, we'll in effect do a total redesign from ground-up, which
is one of greatest deterrents to any branding effort.

Although I think we should welcome everyone's input on this, IMHO Chris's
font is too Sibelius/OSX-like, which will encourage continuous comparisons,
and as soon as we go down that path, we lose half of our "branding" prowess,
which ultimately results in a counterproductive effort--we thwart what we
seek to achieve before we've even gotten there. Apart from that, I also feel
that it is perhaps too "traditional" which (again IMHO) detracts from the
idea of a consortium that revolves around the bleeding edge technology. 

I think we're also getting very close to the LAC deadline, so I'd say also
for the sake of getting this thing done and over with on time, let's focus
on putting finishing touches on what we already have and if that proves to
be inadequate, we can have another brainstorming session after LAC targeting
the font aspect.

Best wishes,


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