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I agree that the best thing to do is a wiki. I would suggest simply taking the
existing wiki at, and make the URL The next step would be to convert the quicktoots and
the other faq documents from into pages on the wiki.

I like the outline ( It's what I had in
mind. Ico or one of my other teachers suggested that as I learn how to use and
set up Linux I make notes to help other students if they became interested.
I've made some of these notes, but they aren't in much shape to make sense to
anybody but me, and are far from complete.

Also, most of the questions and steps anyone could have about
setting up these different things are available in different places throughout
the internet. (like and A lot of what we should be doing is
compiling and codifying, not necessarily reinventing the wheel per se.

I'll have some more time in the next month after finals next week, and i'd love
to do
some contributions to the docs.

Quoting Dan Easley <daneasley at>:

> Sorry for the delayed response.  i just got promoted from being a
> part-time announcer at the public radio station i work at to being a
> full-time operations manager, so i've been a bit out of sorts learning
> automation systems, routers, etc.  verdict: windows is still hell to
> work with, and i still hate drive letters, but it's awful nice to
> finally have a job so similar to my hobbies.
> at any rate, i'm afraid i haven't made any progress yet past the very
> rough outline posted here: <>.
> current plans, if that outline is good, are to begin filling in the
> structure with actual content and links to actively-developed content
> elsewhere on the web, and to include all member projects of
> i think two promising options for docs.*, both bandied around a bit on
> various lists, are
> 1. setting up a wiki, a la
> <> (though there are
> security concerns - twice now i've removed spam from this page) and
> 2. community development of a new edition of dave's book.  was there
> any resolution as to the possibility of doing this?  i believe dave
> ran it past his publisher but i can't remember the results.  i haven't
> seen his book but am planning to buy it as soon as i start bringing in
> the full-time wage - would it be a good idea to use it as a base for
> our documentation (not word-for-word but structurally)?  or would that
> incur a property rights liability?
> i really think the wiki is the way to go.  it seems the best way to
> stimulate collaboration.
> i'd be happy to play a larger role in docs.*, or in other parts of the
> web site, though i suspect i'll be of limited use most of the next
> month (i could devote perhaps two to three hours a week to the site
> for that period) - in a month or so i'll have settled into the new
> job, and could devote a more respectable amount of time to it.
> thanks,
> dan
> On 11/26/06, Ivica Ico Bukvic <ico at> wrote:
> > To the staff members:
> >
> > Hope you are getting comfortable with your new roles. I would like to use
> > this opportunity to solicit updates from you guys. I am also to let you
> know
> > that unfortunately Ross Hamblin who was our webmaster
> > will be stepping down due to some unforeseen health problems. This means
> > that we need to make another call for volunteer staff. In addition, one of
> > our yet to be announced new members are also working on a
> > documentation project and it seems that it would be a good idea to join
> > forces for this purpose. Please use this e-mail therefore as a catalyst for
> > further discussion.
> >
> > Cc: consortium mailing list
> > Guys, I would really need some feedback regarding the status of your
> > respective projects. Most importantly, website is in a need of updates and
> I
> > apparently cannot get a hold of Tom...
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