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Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at
Mon Dec 4 10:18:10 EST 2006

asnel at wrote:
> I agree that the best thing to do is a wiki. I would suggest simply taking the
> existing wiki at, and make the URL
> The next step would be to convert the quicktoots and
> the other faq documents from into pages on the wiki.
> I like the outline ( It's what I had in
> mind. Ico or one of my other teachers suggested that as I learn how to use and
> set up Linux I make notes to help other students if they became interested.
> I've made some of these notes, but they aren't in much shape to make sense to
> anybody but me, and are far from complete.
> Also, most of the questions and steps anyone could have about
> setting up these different things are available in different places throughout
> the internet. (like and
> A lot of what we should be doing is
> compiling and codifying, not necessarily reinventing the wheel per se.
> I'll have some more time in the next month after finals next week, and i'd love
> to do
> some contributions to the docs.
> Ashton

You're welcome to contribute to the quicktoots but they are not being 
converted or moved from their existing structure. They are static 
documents that are designed for the express purpose of promoting Linux 
Audio in a graphically heavy and edgy format, as much as possible, given 
the time constraints of the contributing Authors and Editors.


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