Linux Documentation (was Re: [Consortium] Re: staff updates)

Dave Phillips dlphillips at
Mon Dec 4 11:12:39 EST 2006

Dan Easley wrote:

> i think two promising options for docs.*, both bandied around a bit on 
> various lists, are
> 1. setting up a wiki, a la 
> <> (though there are
> security concerns - twice now i've removed spam from this page) and
> 2. community development of a new edition of dave's book.  was there 
> any resolution as to the possibility of doing this?  i believe dave
> ran it past his publisher but i can't remember the results.  i haven't 
> seen his book but am planning to buy it as soon as i start bringing in
> the full-time wage - would it be a good idea to use it as a base for 
> our documentation (not word-for-word but structurally)?  or would that
> incur a property rights liability? 

Responding to option 2:

I've terminated the book project, at least my involvement in it is over. 
My publisher and the contributors have known this for a few months, I 
apologize for not announcing the fact earlier, but as you can see from 
my updates to I've not exactly been keeping up. 
Various reasons prompted my decision, family concerns being the most 

Re: book structure: As far as I'm concerned, go ahead, use it, it's just 
a chapter succession. Lots of new headings should be added anyway.

By the way, I'm fairly certain that all my stuff published by LJ and 
O'Reilly still belongs to me. They're pretty decent about it, all rights 
revert to the author after a certain period, a nice nod from publishers 
towards reusability. Anyway, again as far as I'm concerned the community 
can assemble and revise that stuff as it sees fit.

And let's face it, folks, and its mirrors are 
doomed. I'm so tired of the maintenance that I'm just not doing any at 
all. I'd like to see the community take over the lists and perhaps use 
them as bases for a wiki catalog of Linux sound and music software. 
Meanwhile I plan for one more update this month, then I'm unlikely to 
continue working with it any longer.

I'm sorry but too many other important factors in my life require my 
attention now. Writing another book and maintaining are 
unfortunately excluded. I'm not disappearing, I just can't manage those 
particular projects.

Best regards,


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