[linux-audio-user] Re: Linux Documentation (was Re: [Consortium] Re: Linuxaudio.org staff updates)

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Mon Dec 4 11:15:51 EST 2006

Dave Phillips wrote:
> Dan Easley wrote:
>> i think two promising options for docs.*, both bandied around a bit on
>> various lists, are
>> 1. setting up a wiki, a la
>> <http://lau.linuxaudio.org/faq/index.php/Main_Page> (though there are
>> security concerns - twice now i've removed spam from this page) and
>> 2. community development of a new edition of dave's book.  was there
>> any resolution as to the possibility of doing this?  i believe dave
>> ran it past his publisher but i can't remember the results.  i haven't
>> seen his book but am planning to buy it as soon as i start bringing in
>> the full-time wage - would it be a good idea to use it as a base for
>> our documentation (not word-for-word but structurally)?  or would that
>> incur a property rights liability? 
> Responding to option 2:
> I've terminated the book project, at least my involvement in it is over.
> My publisher and the contributors have known this for a few months, I
> apologize for not announcing the fact earlier, but as you can see from
> my updates to http://linux-sound.org I've not exactly been keeping up.
> Various reasons prompted my decision, family concerns being the most
> influential.
> Re: book structure: As far as I'm concerned, go ahead, use it, it's just
> a chapter succession. Lots of new headings should be added anyway.
> By the way, I'm fairly certain that all my stuff published by LJ and
> O'Reilly still belongs to me. They're pretty decent about it, all rights
> revert to the author after a certain period, a nice nod from publishers
> towards reusability. Anyway, again as far as I'm concerned the community
> can assemble and revise that stuff as it sees fit.
> And let's face it, folks, http://linux-sound.org and its mirrors are
> doomed. I'm so tired of the maintenance that I'm just not doing any at
> all. I'd like to see the community take over the lists and perhaps use
> them as bases for a wiki catalog of Linux sound and music software.
> Meanwhile I plan for one more update this month, then I'm unlikely to
> continue working with it any longer.
> I'm sorry but too many other important factors in my life require my
> attention now. Writing another book and maintaining linux-sound.org are
> unfortunately excluded. I'm not disappearing, I just can't manage those
> particular projects.
> Best regards,
> dp

I believe everyone would join in and raise their glass to you Dave, for
your contributions to Linux Audio! Thank You.


brad fuller
sonaural: www.sonaural.com

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