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re all,

On Mon, Dec 04, 2006 at 09:23:32PM -0500, Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote:
> Linux distributions to reference. As such, we are also hoping to attract
> various distros to contribute to the same documentation project. So far
> goto10 guys (dyne creators) have expressed interest in the idea...

i am currently volunteering to help with news updating: setup a RSS feed
aggregation on our webpage, so that we can all route our news and
releases and scoops to the main page automatically. regarding your
previous question about this Ivica: we can do that without changing the
current graphical layout. The only concern is then if someone starts
versioning and announcing "a la distrowatch" with several confusing
6.96.3232.beta11 releases every week, in that case it might turn bad,
but i'd rather start with some basic trust about correct usage of our
infrastructure by the members of the consortium ;)

regarding the wiki, i advised to proceed some months ago already.
dyne.org server is avaliable for hosting and mantaining all necessary
data, at least we have quite some experience in keeping spam away from
wikis by now.

BTW big up \o/ to Dave Phillips for his great and inspiring work at
linux-sound.org thru the years. i've spent my best days of my gnu/linux
childhood fiddling with software listed in your collection when it was
still only on a .at domain...

i have one request, in case we revamp the project, please let's credit
the GNU foundation correctly this time and name it GNU/Linux where


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