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Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Fri Dec 8 22:08:02 EST 2006


Your help would be truly appreciated! More so, it is perfect timing--as it
turns out our new staff member Tom Berger who volunteered to do
Linuxaudio.org website updates is mysteriously MIA. There have also been a
number of new developments which ought to be on the main news page but have
not made it there as I was waiting for Tom to take care of this.

Regarding the GNU/Linux matter, this will have to go to the board for a
decision. I am personally not inclined to do this on my own as I feel it
would go against Daniel's legacy.

I will contact you off-list re: password shortly.

Best wishes,


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> re all,
> On Mon, Dec 04, 2006 at 09:23:32PM -0500, Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote:
> > Linux distributions to reference. As such, we are also hoping to attract
> > various distros to contribute to the same documentation project. So far
> > goto10 guys (dyne creators) have expressed interest in the idea...
> i am currently volunteering to help with news updating: setup a RSS feed
> aggregation on our webpage, so that we can all route our news and
> releases and scoops to the main page automatically. regarding your
> previous question about this Ivica: we can do that without changing the
> current graphical layout. The only concern is then if someone starts
> versioning and announcing "a la distrowatch" with several confusing
> 6.96.3232.beta11 releases every week, in that case it might turn bad,
> but i'd rather start with some basic trust about correct usage of our
> infrastructure by the members of the consortium ;)
> regarding the wiki, i advised to proceed some months ago already.
> dyne.org server is avaliable for hosting and mantaining all necessary
> data, at least we have quite some experience in keeping spam away from
> wikis by now.
> BTW big up \o/ to Dave Phillips for his great and inspiring work at
> linux-sound.org thru the years. i've spent my best days of my gnu/linux
> childhood fiddling with software listed in your collection when it was
> still only on a .at domain...
> i have one request, in case we revamp the project, please let's credit
> the GNU foundation correctly this time and name it GNU/Linux where
> possible.
> ciao
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