[Consortium] RE: linux audio wiki

Daniel James daniel at 64studio.com
Sun Dec 10 13:23:33 EST 2006

Hi Ico,

> Regarding the GNU/Linux matter, this will have to go to the board for a
> decision. I am personally not inclined to do this on my own as I feel it
> would go against Daniel's legacy.

You don't have to worry about that :-)

Personally, I think it's appropriate to use the phrase GNU/Linux when
describing the combination of GNU tools and the Linux kernel. I use the
phrase myself on the 64 Studio website. However, I feel compelled to make
the following points:

1. There is only one free software kernel that is suitable for serious
audio work, and it's called Linux. Let's give full credit for that.

2. Certain members of the GNU project have tried to downplay the
significance of the Linux kernel, which is unfair to the kernel hackers.

3. Over time, I believe the proportion of GPL'd and other free code which
is an official part of the GNU project has decreased significantly, to the
point where it is simply untrue to claim that most of the code in any
given distro is part of GNU. (That doesn't mean we should ignore the GNU
Project's early and vital contribution).

4. It's possible to create a Linux-based audio system without using GNU
components - for example an embedded system running busybox, or a distro
compiled with the Intel compiler (whatever you may think of that idea).

5. The original mission of linuxaudio.org is to promote Linux-based audio
systems, not just GNU or free software in general. For example, we don't
promote free software on Windows, nor do we exclude members for using
proprietary software if they wish. This mission would therefore never be
supported by the GNU project, nor would the FSF support any distro which
worked with RME or Digigram audio cards, due to the binary firmware issue.



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