[Consortium] made in linux text

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Fri Dec 22 10:25:56 EST 2006

> On Thu, Dec 21, 2006 at 02:06:16PM -0500, Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote:
> >
> > "(c) 2004-6. All works are copyright of their respective authors and are
> > distributed either by author's permission or according to their
> respective
> > licenses which are available <state where>. CD cover design copyright
> > Thorsten Wilms. 'Made in Linux' copyright Linuxaudio.org."
> I think that would make us sound like copyright fanatics. If nothing
> else is stated, it's a given copyright remains with each author,
> linuxaudio.org has permission to distribute, noone else has.
> Listing the various licneses with the tracks would make more sense
> (requires a rather small font, though).

Given that we need to respect authors' copyrights when distributing this in
today's society (especially since they are "giving away" their works), we
need to spell out the license terms clearly and leave nothing to chance.
Perhaps I am looking at this as an administrator, but even if authors'
licenses allow redistribution, this should be somehow stated on the cover as
to allow end-users to be made aware of this info (as it is right now they
don't even know which songs are freely distributable). Otherwise, if we do
not protect our members and/or our own identity, we will lose a number of
potential submissions down the road, needless to mention engage in potential
legal battles (which we cannot afford anyhow) to protect what is legally

In that respect I am fine with listing licenses under the titles. Although
we still need the copyright statement at the bottom for Thorsten's work as
well as for the Linuxaudio.org.

> > I am not sure whether we should state on the cover that the
> > music was entirely done in Linux, since the title of the series already
> > clearly implies this and ultimately such a comment may detract from the
> > artistic value.
> We should not, title makes it clear.


> > Finally, Thorsten, would you be willing to simply readapt the front
> cover to
> > fit the CD label (for those who may opt for doing CD labels)?
> I wonder how many that might be ... but I will look into it.

I do not mean changing the cover at all, but simply providing another one
with the *same* design but with a cutout in a shape of a CD so that one can
stick it on the actual CD. I am not even sure if we have such cut-out
templates in Linux?

FWIW, this will make the actual CD publishing a painless ordeal. Come to
think of it, we should probably leave some room on the backside for the ISBN
which we will hopefully get sometime soon (customarily it is left as a white
filled rectangle).

Best wishes,


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