[Consortium] made in linux text

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Fri Dec 29 18:18:29 EST 2006

> For all I know it isn't necessary to claim copyright at all (it used
> to be in the US in the past). For myself, I only want credit, that's all.
> But I'll try to make copy this and copy that fit.

Given the distribution format, in US it is a must and likely in other places
as well. Since 1) this will be likely disseminated internationally and 2) it
is our responsibility to uphold and represent licenses of respective
authors, we need to have this notice.

> I just copied the individual licenses from
> http://linuxaudio.org/en/music/index.html
> Are the Creative Commons ones without version number valid at all?
> May I asume 1.0 where it's missing? Else the authors should be
> contacted.

Dunno. Daniel may have a better idea over this one since he was the one who
dealt with that aspect.

> I think this chaos makes us look silly. Who even knows about a
> Green or a Personal Music License? All rights reserved is a bit
> strange for something everyone can downlaod from a website for
> free. Now it's a given for this CD, but should be avoided for
> the next.

Well, you have game demos and/or artwork which are "all rights reserved"
(and worse) but which are still freely downloadable. Hence, this simply
means that there is implicit permission for Linuxaudio.org to distribute it
and for end-user to listen to it, nothing else.

When we become incorporated as a non-profit, legal stuff as mundane as it
is, will be an important part of everything we do. In order to protect our
integrity and what we stand for, unfortunately in today's world we simply
have to build strong legal foundations.

> There should be links for the licenses. Explanations in the
> booklet, especialy if CDs are to be sold. For the next CD and a
> limited set of licenses, that is ;)

Good point. This IMHO will be a lot easier, however, once we have ISBN and
official channels of distributing this.

Best wishes,


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