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Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Tue Mar 21 06:47:44 EST 2006


It makes sense to me to have one for letterheads and official documents 
and a couple funkier ones for web use.

However, the new suggested version is not suitable for official use IMO.

Shouldn't we have something that can be easily scaled without loosing 
clarity. For example the lad logo scales very well even though it is a 
bit abstract for some people.

I am working on something now that I'll submit later today.


ico wrote:
>> On Mon, Mar 20, 2006 at 01:57:13 +0000, Daniel James wrote:
>>>> Calling the whole system just Linux is arguably a misuse of the
>>>> trademark.
>>> Arguably so, and please rest assured that I have had the 'the talk' from
>>> RMS more than once, but in the case of linuxaudio.org the organisation
>>> is specifically about the Linux kernel and related free software. We
>>> don't cover audio on BSD, Darwin or any other free software platform. We
>>> do recognise the The Linux Mark Institute and the work it has done to
>>> defend the Linux trademark.
>> I agree with this, and in previous years a lot of the development effort
>> was specifically targeted at the linux kernel, but I feel that this is
>> becoming less true with time. In particular a small but significant
>> ammount of linux audio software now runs on OS X.
> Please allow me to chime in here. Linuxaudio.org is not designed to be 
> exclusionary, but rather focused on a particular platform. This means that 
> cross-platform efforts which cater to the Linux platform are also very much 
> endorsed by the Linuxaudio.org (we already have a number of such memberships). 
> It is simply that the consortium's efforts are based on our focus, which is 
> currently the dominant libre platform.
> As far as the logo is concerned, I agree that the "cutesy" factor may be seen 
> as distracting/inappropriate. FWIW, this at times can be also its strength as 
> it allows the logo to stand out. The actual "cute" factor is also 
> significantly diminished when the logo is reformatted to a web-usable size 
> (namely made significantly smaller).
> It is also conceivable that certain sites/webmasters will be more prone to 
> including logos with penguins than others. For this reason, perhaps we could 
> also talk about having 1 official logo, but 2 or more web logos which would be 
> a variation on the original.
> Most importantly, no matter which logo we pick, we should provide svg/png's 
> online for those who wish to provide link on their webpages.
> Best wishes,
> Ico
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