[Consortium] re: Linuxaudio.org updates

Daniel James daniel at 64studio.com
Thu Mar 23 10:03:08 EST 2006

Hi Patrick,

> The feedback so far is that the image I sent is too busy/has too 
> much info and the dancing penguin is not suitable. Does anyone have a 
> specific suggestion for a logo?

I think your logo has promise, it probably just needs some 
simplification. If you like, send me your source file (Inkscape SVG?) 
and I'll show you what I mean.

> I was working on the idea that this logo would be more like a crest than 
> an instantly recognisable and identifiable brand image which a 
> multinational company would pay a professional design team millions of 
> dollars to create...

Don't worry about it, those expensive branding teams don't always get it 
right. A few years ago there was an organisation in the UK renamed 
'Consignia' - it was, er, the Post Office...


> BTW, from a brief search of the website it appears that linuxaudio.org 
> doesn't currently have a logo. There is the image of the name but that 
> doesn't constitute a logo in my book.

Quite right, the existing 'domain name' image doesn't work if you can't 
read English, while a true logo is universal. It does let you know what 
to type into your browser though :-)



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