[Consortium] problem about inclusion of Ubuntu

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Thu Mar 23 12:19:29 EST 2006

Hi Jaromil,

> hi Ivica,
> thanks for your clarifications!
> On Tue, Mar 21, 2006 at 11:22:10AM -0500, Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote:
> > > think such projects, especially when still in their
> >
> > Consortium's mission is to foster a development of *any* legal
> > incentive which has, does, or has a potential to foster proliferation
> > of Linux as a viable DAW.
> AFAIK, so far its role has been almost related to promotion and the
> work done by a few people here who have my gratitude.

Please check the membership list. That hardly sums it up.

Speaking of gratitude, Ubuntu is currently running on my Linux box. It has
helped me produce/perform several of my works, and I am sure that I am
hardly alone in using it. Hence, we could easily say that a number of Linux
audio members may feel the same way about Ubuntu as you do about select
member projects/people.

> now i look forward to efforts in fostering development!
> any ideas in mind?  money is not the best way IMHO.

You are welcome to suggest *feasible* project proposals with a realistic
roadmap which could yield results you/we desire in a reasonable amount of
time without the use of monetary resources. The consortium will then decide
as a whole whether this is something that we may want to pursue.

My stance on this is that we've reached a plateau that defines how far we
can go without taking that next step. FWIW, even in our current state, a
number of our projects were made possible only through some form of
financial support (expo booth sponsorship, soundcard vendor sponsorship via
free hardware, etc.), so if money is an issue, then the consortium has
already been tainted...

> linking with hardware manufacturers has been mentioned (and done?)
> what else?

Expos, conferences, presentations, outreach, recruiting, CD compilation,
just to name a few. However, many of which were made possible only through
some kind of external support (monetary or other).

> > > starting phase, can be considered to have contributed so much to
> > > development and dissemination of our common efforts.
> >
> > All projects were at some point in their starting phase. That fact alone
> > should therefore not be taken as a measure of their current or future
> > success, or their eligibility for the Linuxaudio.org membership...
> so if post the 0.1 of my new little sw used by me and my cousin in a
> performance, i can already be part of the consortium?

Please allow me to point out that discussing a merit of a non-existent
project is pointless as it bears no context, but I'll bite in hope this may
clarify things a bit...

As mentioned earlier, if the project in question has a potential/merit, is
compatible with our mission, is being used by someone productively and it
therefore makes them aware of Linux as a viable sound platform, and finally
the majority of the board is not opposed to its membership, why not?

I think you may want to distinguish two things:

1) projects/people which/whom you find beneficial and therefore worthy of
2) projects/people/whatever which the consortium as a whole finds worthy

The two will not always be equal for any of us, and as the consortium grows,
chances are, we will have more and more of concerns similar to yours
expressed by the existing membership. At that point we will, just like now,
have to figure out what does the consortium as a whole think of that
particular issue.

> do we distinguish between membership of communities, foundations,
> individuals, companies etc. ?

Yes, because every one of them plays a different, complementing role. This
is something that my proposed next step aims to address by providing
different levels of membership, including a continuation of the existing
free membership...

> and one last question to help me understand better:
> who takes decisions and how?

Please consult the http://linuxaudio.org/en/policy.html webpage.

Best wishes,


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